Cotton Sales and Shipping

Cotton Sales and Shipping

Staplcotn is known worldwide as a leader in the U.S. cotton industry. We have continuously maintained our reputation as a trusted supplier of Memphis/Eastern cotton for over 90 years. Here’s why:

We are Grower-Owned

Staplcotn is an association of cotton producers who have joined together to sell their cotton as one entity. This concept gives textile mills a unique opportunity to purchase cotton directly from the producer. As an association, these producers are able to offer mills a wide variety of Memphis/Eastern qualities in volume. The merging of resources allows these hardworking farmers to share the expense of hiring a professional staff to effectively and efficiently market their cotton. Staplcotn members view the cooperative as an extension of their farms and insist that their product is marketed in a manner that fosters trust and confidence in their company.

We have a Large Volume of Annual Supply

Staplcotn has 7,325 members who operate approximately 14,000 active farm accounts. These members produce between 2–3 million bales annually which are sold and shipped to over 20 countries.

We’re a Premiere Source for a Premiere Product – Memphis/Eastern Cotton

Staplcotn’s area of cotton production spans 11 states in the southeastern portion of the United States. This geographic diversification allows Staplcotn to offer a wide variety of Memphis/Eastern cotton qualities. Memphis/Eastern cotton generally has an excellent variety of Strict Middling, Middling and Strict Low Middling color and staple lengths that range from 1-1/16” to 1-5/32”. Micronaire averages between 4.4 and 4.7 and strength averages over 29 grams per tex. Whether mills are looking for higher grade cotton, lower grade cotton or somewhere in between, Staplcotn is able to fulfill their orders or find them the right mix that will meet their needs.

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Service is Our Priority

Both in the United States and abroad, Staplcotn has established and maintained strong relationships within the textile industry. These relationships are due in large part to the attention to detail given to each and every purchase, regardless of its size or destination. Whether a buyer needs five truckloads or 100 containers, Staplcotn’s focus is to deliver the quality that is ordered in the timeframe that is required. Additionally, promptly relaying USDA HVI information, detailed recaps, shipping schedules, or addressing other specific mill requests is standard operating procedure. With Staplcotn as their supplier, mills can be assured that their contract, down to the last detail, will always be completed to their satisfaction. Exceptional service is what has made Staplcotn known as an industry leader in sales and in shipping.