Cotton Warehousing

The Largest Cotton Warehouse in the South

Staplcotn added cotton warehousing to its services with the construction of a cotton compress and a 145,000-bale warehouse in 1965. Today, this modern facility located in Rising Sun, Mississippi, just south of Greenwood, routinely handles over 300,000 bales annually and is the largest cotton warehouse at a single location in the Mid-South.

In addition to the Rising Sun location, Staplcotn operates 14 other facilities in the Mid-South and Southeast and has a licensed capacity of approximately one million bales. The most recent additions to the Warehouse division are located on the Georgia coast,  central North Carolina, and northeastern South Carolina. The strategic placement of these plants has been instrumental not only in cotton storage, but in expediting shipments and, therefore, providing quality service to mill customers, both at home and abroad.

Warehouses are licensed and bonded to meet the requirements of the Commodity Credit Corporation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Competitive tariffs are charged for handling and storage. The earnings from the warehouses are returned to the warehouse patrons at the end of each fiscal year.

2023 Tariffs

2023 Tariff
2023 West Memphis Cert Tariff
2023 Staplcotn Warehouse – Edenton, Erwin, and Greer Tariff
2023 Greer Cert Tariff

Warehouse Regional Locations

Warehouse Division Main Office
P.O. Box 445
Greenwood, MS 38935
(662) 453-8941
Fax: (662) 453-8946

Rising Sun
8500 Hwy 49 South, Greenwood, MS
GPS: Rising Sun Circle, Greenwood, MS
Itta Bena
700 Lakeside Road, Itta Bena, MS
592 W. Goldstein, Hollandale, MS
2650 Highway 61 South, Tunica, MS
Rolling Fork
255 West Avenue, Rolling Fork, MS
Greenville #1
788 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Greenville, MS
400 BB King Road, Indianola, MS
West Memphis
1102 Woods Street, West Memphis, AR
720 E. 2nd Street, Dell, AR
4149 East State Hwy 18, Blytheville, AR
GPS: 4149 Main Street, Blytheville, AR
Rayville #1
102 Short Street, Rayville, LA
301 Poplar Street, Tallulah, LA
2620 Seaboard Coastline Drive, Savannah, GA
1004 South 13th Street, Erwin, NC
1069 Victor Hill Road, Greer, SC